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Spiele Unterhaltung Puzzle
Entwickler Apps Worx CC
1.99 USD

Watch your puzzles come alive in this beautiful, professionally rendered puzzle app specifically designed for young children and toddlers. Each creature rewards the child with an animation after it has been completed, while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination during its construction.

Child Friendly Features:
- 12 unique creatures with great reward animation sequences.
- Pieces have destination hints and automatically reset to their default placements if not properly set, assuring that pieces do not get lost or misplaced.
- All pieces spawn from the same starting location, making them easy to find.
- No complex menu system or advertising that could distract the young one.
- The puzzles loop for continuous play.
- Built in hint system (Bright Yellow Question Mark) to help junior along when he or she gets stuck.

Recommendations for use:
- Youngsters just starting out with the iOS experience should be shown how to complete a couple of puzzles, possible by guiding their fingers and pointing out the interactive help Question Mark (the only user interface element) when they get stuck.
- Children which have mastered the touch interface of the iPad will find the game intuitive and easy to master.